Let’s Get Moving!

Colorful and kinetic, animations have become a popular way to explain complex concepts and ideas to a broad audience. From explainer videos to educational materials, animations can make learning more engaging and accessible. Here are some reasons why.

Animations simplify complex ideas by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable parts. Of course, you can do this in written form as well, but according to some experts, people have a limited capacity for processing information and the use of animation can help reduce cognitive load by presenting information in a more organized and consumable way. In addition, animations can help learners visualize abstract concepts, making them easier to understand.

Animations can also be used to illustrate cause-and-effect relationships, which can be difficult to explain using only words or static images. In one study, participants were presented with two types of explanations: one with static images and one with animations. The results showed that participants who received the animated explanations were better able to identify the cause-and-effect relationships than those who received the static images. 

And when animations are used to simulate real-world scenarios, viewers are provided with an opportunity to practice problem-solving and decision-making skills. In 2016, a study was conducted where participants were presented a scenario in which they had to troubleshoot a malfunctioning machine. The participants who received the animated simulation performed better on a subsequent test than those who received a textual description of the scenario. 

Finally, animations are essentially videos. And videos can be more engaging and entertaining than other forms of communication. Research has shown that engagement is a key factor in learning and that learners who are more engaged are more likely to retain information. They do a better job creating a sense of curiosity and anticipation, encouraging learners to stay focused and attentive.

Today, there are so many ways to market, teach, or explain. And so many opportunities to tell your story. Animation works alongside your other content, supporting it and literally setting it in motion.